It's time to be free !
You are an Awesome Person!
Hello , 

 My Name is Alicia , I am a mother of four children , two turtles , one bearded dragon , and one hamster.  I know , it's a crazy combination lol . I want you to know that you are truly special and have a gift to share with the world . You might ask me how do I know , trust me  I just do.

The fact is , you have a talent that you may or may not be aware of . My job is to help you figure out what you are passionate about and provide you with the motivation to take action and live your ideal life.

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this is your life , you decide the outcome of it .
~ Alicia Milligan ~
Love Yourself 
Loving yourself is something that is a necessity . Love is the foundation to happiness . When you are happy you will enjoy every moment and be optimistic . When you are optimistic you know that anything is possible , and you give yourself permission to follow your dreams .  
Be True to Yourself
Walk to the beat of your own drum . And never ever dim your light . You are unique and special . Don't allow anybody to change you , you are perfect the way you are . 
Follow My Journey...
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